SAgE Collaborative

Sustainable Agriculture Education

Growing Sustainability for Agriculture, Farming, Food, Justice, and the Environment

The SAgE Collaborative was a partnership between five community colleges, three universities, and Viva Farms that offered aligned, high-quality education and training programs at the nexus of the sustainability, agriculture, farming, food, justice, and environmental movements. 

The mission at SAgE was to offer innovative, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural education and training to address the environmental and ecological processes as well as the socioeconomic and political complexities related to sustainable urban and small farm agriculture and food systems within and beyond Washington State and the Cascadia bioregion. 

Viva Farms continues to offer its main contribution to the SAgE Collaborative, the Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture, in both King and Skagit Counties in Northwest Washington. However, due to the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the Collaboratives’ partners were forced to narrow their focus and are no longer offering their agricultural programs.  

To learn more about the SAgE Collaborative’s history, impact and the future of its many elements, please visit

For those looking to start a farm business or pursue holistic training in agricultural farm practices, we hope you’ll consider Viva Farms’ Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture. Learn more about that program here

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